Thank you for celebrating Shark Week!

Dear Shark Families,

 Thank you for celebrating Shark Week with us! We kicked off our Fall Donation Drive this week with a fun family Kickball Tournament and we loved seeing your support for Foundation and school pride with each of our daily contests.


Congratulations to all of our winners!

Stella Gash

Madden and Hudson Alvarez

Skylie and Milo Cid

Sam Mahajan

Thank you to all of our families that have already donated this week to continue funding our seven support teachers and instructional assistants and providing cutting edge technology and programs to our children. Special thanks also to The Biello Family and Social Craft Kitchen and Bar in Costa Mesa for their generous donation after Back to School Night.

We have now raised $5,500 of our $100,000 goal by the end of 2019. Please Donate today!


Above: Shark Tank teacher, Robin Young, observes a group of students working together to program their ozobots.

Above: Shark Tank teacher, Robin Young, observes a group of students working together to program their ozobots.

NHES' one-of-a-kind STEM lab

The 2018-2019 school year saw the grand opening of our school's "Shark Tank." The Shark Tank (formerly the school's computer lab) is 100% funded by Foundation and houses technological learning resources that no one else in this school district has. It is a creative and functional learning space where our children are transported to far away worlds for their research reports with our green screen and video production equipment, learn coding with ozobots, experience design and engineering with ipads, cutting edge software, and a 3D printer all while learning to work in groups and practice creating solutions to real- world problems.

All students in every grade visit the Shark Tank once a week. Ms. Robin Young, the Shark Tank teacher, works closely with our teachers to help utilize our technology in fun ways that help tie in to our existing curricula. Students are excited to come in and create, collaborate, and learn critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They get hands on learning, develop critical thinking skills and earn a boost of self-confidence.

Here is just a bit of the technology you'll find in the Shark Tank:

• Ozobots
• Dash Bots
• Nureva Span Screen (for visual learning and collaboration) Arduino Board (programing/coding)
• 3D printer
• Makey Makey Invention (crafting and coding)

What is the Foundation anyway?

Shark Week, The Gala, The Shark Tank...Foundation. You hear about all of these things, but what are they all for? It's all for OUR KIDS. NHES Foundation was founded 20 years ago by parents like you. We are a non- profit charity committed to raising funds to provide the students of NHES with an education that is second to none. Our board works closely with the Principal to identify resources and programs that are more difficult to access, but are most efficient and valuable in providing our students with a greater competitive edge and higher achievement in academics.

We start with building community and pride in our school. This is Shark Week. The more children are excited to be in school, the better they learn and the better our scores are. Then, we hold fundraisers, like our spring Gala or our Parties with a Purpose. We rely on generous donors like you who want the best for their children. One hundred percent of the monies raised are then directed towards elevating your educational experience. Most recently, your funds provided The Shark Tank. It's a state-of-the-art STEM lab that is unparalleled in the district. Students are inspired to create and think outside of the box with the latest technology. (Read more about the Shark Tank on the back of this newsletter!)

How do we raise.png

Over the years, the Foundation has raised over $5 million in donations to Newport Heights Elementary School that have provided the most advanced technology available, STEM and arts programs such as the orchestra, and more individualized attention for every student with the introduction of instructional aides.

Contribute to your child's education today:

How Your Donations to Foundation Improved our Scores

The seven staff members funded by our Newport Heights Foundation continue to make an incredible impact on all TK-6th grade students every single day. Our part-time support teachers and instructional assistants help lower student-to-teacher ratio in the classrooms which provides classroom teachers the opportunity to work with smaller groups of students during specific times of the day on enrichment and intervention performance tasks.

Being able to provide support to all students through the talented and skilled staff members impacts our students in a multitude of ways: from specialized instruction in reading and writing, to support in basic math skills, to the individualized attention and recommendations of our library aide.

NHES Makes the Honor Roll!

NHES Foundation_2019-2.jpg

Our school improved state test scores by 20% in Language Arts!

Foundation funded instructional aide, Allie Hodges pulls out a small group of students for more individualized learning.

Newport Heights Elementary School has been named to the 2018 - 2019 Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll for its high achievement in student success. The program, sponsored by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE), is part of a national effort to identify higher-performing schools and districts that are improving student outcomes. Newport Heights Elementary showed a growth of more than 20% on the SBAC in the area of English-Language Arts over the three academic years of 2015- 2018. This growth can be attributed to the success of our MTSS program in which the part-time support teachers and instructional assistants contribute alongside our incredibly talented classroom teachers. This growth was the highest ELA growth on the SBAC in the entire district for the 2017- 2018 school year!

Here a few important facts about the ERP Honor Roll:

• It’s the only award given in collaboration with business leaders.

• It establishes a higher bar of performance than any other award.

• It is conducted by Educational Results Partnership, a nonprofit organization that maintains the nation’s largest database on student achievement. We did not apply for this award. Our results led them to us!

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome students, parents, teachers, and faculty! We are excited to start the 2019-2020 school year with our new principal, Terri Clarke AND our new Foundation president, Becky Bethell! The year is already shaping up to be epic... with lots of amazing school events, FUNdraisers, and learning! This is our FIRST issue of our new quarterly newsletter. We hope you'll check back often for news on our upcoming events, get involved, and have some FUN!


Left: Principal Terri Clark, Right: Foundation President Becky Bethell, husband Phil, and daughters Keira (4th grade) and Hailey (1st grade)