What is the Foundation anyway?

Shark Week, The Gala, The Shark Tank...Foundation. You hear about all of these things, but what are they all for? It's all for OUR KIDS. NHES Foundation was founded 20 years ago by parents like you. We are a non- profit charity committed to raising funds to provide the students of NHES with an education that is second to none. Our board works closely with the Principal to identify resources and programs that are more difficult to access, but are most efficient and valuable in providing our students with a greater competitive edge and higher achievement in academics.

We start with building community and pride in our school. This is Shark Week. The more children are excited to be in school, the better they learn and the better our scores are. Then, we hold fundraisers, like our spring Gala or our Parties with a Purpose. We rely on generous donors like you who want the best for their children. One hundred percent of the monies raised are then directed towards elevating your educational experience. Most recently, your funds provided The Shark Tank. It's a state-of-the-art STEM lab that is unparalleled in the district. Students are inspired to create and think outside of the box with the latest technology. (Read more about the Shark Tank on the back of this newsletter!)

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Over the years, the Foundation has raised over $5 million in donations to Newport Heights Elementary School that have provided the most advanced technology available, STEM and arts programs such as the orchestra, and more individualized attention for every student with the introduction of instructional aides.

Contribute to your child's education today: www.newportheightsfoundation.com/donate