Newport Heights Elementary


The foundation is pleased to announce our 2nd annual summer READ-A-THON.

This program was designed to encourage students to read over summer break by creating a competition with prizes to be awarded at the beginning of the next school year.  Here is how it will work:

  • Commit:  We will ask students to commit to a number of books they will read over summer by filling out a committment letter.
  • Donations:  They will then go to friends and family for donation commitments (either a per book amount or flat amount).  The kids will turn in the donation form in to the front office 
  • Read:  We will promote through marketing the program all summer to encourage participation.  Kids will fill in a reading log.
  • Collection:  The first week of school we will send back to the student their original commitment and an envelope to collect the funds.
  • Prizes:  Every child that participated will get a certificate, the top student from each class will get a ice cream social for their new class, plus a ton of other prizes.  There are rules and prizes form.

If you have any questions, please contact Staci Barrett:

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Question #1: Is the class winner based on the students that read the most books, the most difficult books (for their grade/AR level), the most pages, or raises the most money that will be considered the winner?

Answer: The winner is based on the classroom with the most number of books read for their grade/AR level. If a student reads a book that significantly more difficult for their level (either number of pages or book AR level), then the parents can record the book a few times (qty based on the parents best judgment) on the student’s book log to count as multiple books read.

Question #2: What does “top reader” mean and how will the ice cream party work?

Answer: Anyone who reads 5+ books gets ONE ticket only entered into a grade specific raffle. One student per grade will be selected and their classroom will get a ice cream party.

Question #3: How will the other raffle prizes work?

Answer: For EVERY 5 books you read, your name will be entered one time into a raffle to win prizes like: $100 Amazon Gift Card, $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card, $50 credit to the Newport Heights Book Faire, Experiences like lunch with Mrs. Harding.