Shark Tank

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The Shark Tank (formerly the school's computer lab) is 100% funded by Foundation and combines technological learning resources that no one else in this school district has. It is a creative and functional learning space where our children are transported to far away worlds for their research reports with our green screen and video production equipment, learn coding with ozobots, experience design and engineering with ipads, cutting edge software, and a 3D printer all while learning to work in groups and practice creating solutions to real- world problems.

All students in every grade visit the Shark Tank once a week. Ms. Robin Young, the Shark Tank teacher, works closely with our teachers to help utilize our technology in fun ways that help tie in to our existing curricula. Students are excited to come in and create, collaborate, and learn critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They get hands on learning, develop critical thinking skills and earn a boost of self-confidence.


Shark News

Students in the Shark Tank produce, write, direct, and shoot a regular news program for the students and their parents. The students deliver high quality programing.