About Us

Our Mission:

The mission of the Foundation is to enhance the educational environment at Newport Heights Elementary School.  We accomplish our mission though these initiatives:

  • Raising funds through parents and the community and working with the school’s principal, Somer Harding, to allocate those funds to augment the schools teaching capabilities.
  • Funding additional academic personnel – such as a Shark Tank co-teacher, library assistant,  instructional assistants and supplemental math and reading teachers
  • Providing cutting edge technology to the classrooms and in the Shark Tank, where children design, create and engineer and large format audio/visual/internet capabilities for all classrooms.  

Monies raised by the Foundation also support extended learning programs, expansion of the art program, and music.

The resources the foundation provides fill a significant gap in educational funding that is not provided by the district.  With these additional resources every child at NHES is provided a significantly improved learning opportunity that has produced dramatic and proven results.

A "Hybrid" Between Public and Private Schools:

Newport Heights Elementary has combined the base elements of a public school (the facilities, staff, curriculum, etc.), with parent resources to create a technologically advanced learning environment with reduced student/teacher ratios.

Learning “Interventions” – The resources provided by your contributions are used to test for key learning concepts by subject and by grade-level. Through these programs any child found to be “off-track” in understanding/applying these concepts by her/his teacher, can immediately be put back on track without falling further behind.

Imagine the power of a teacher knowing precisely when your child isn’t “getting it” on a key learning concept and being able to immediately bring her/him back before falling too far behind! The technologies and staff funded by the Foundation allow the teachers to identify the specific capabilities and levels of each student, and tailor instruction to those capabilities – rather than simply teaching all the kids to the so-called “average” student. These are incredibly powerful and important programs that your child would not have without your participation. Thank you for your generous donations!

The Instructional Assistants support our teachers by reinforcing instruction to individuals or small groups of students in the classroom. They also assist teachers with the preparation of instructional materials and tutor students in assigned subject areas. The extra library assistant allows for increased library traffic, enabling kids at the school to visit the library multiple times a week, unlike many other elementary schools.

The Foundation Board

2019 / 2020 Board of Directors

President – Becky Bethell
Vice-President – Jackie Culmer
Chief Financial Officer – KC Carpenter
Secretary – Alan Carmichael
Social Media Director – Amber Rasmussen
Treasurer– Amber Seib
Community Outreach Director – Bret Ebright
Gala Director – Staci Barrett
Website Director – Brady Barto
Family Event Director – Molly Warmsley
Family Outreach Director – Lisa Brennan

Corporate Information

Our corporate bylaws can be found here.