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100 % of proceeds go to our school so let's party our hearts out.

We are so excited to introduce Parties with a Purpose to the Newport Heights family.  The goal of Parties with a Purpose is to build a community while raising money for our school.  We raise funds for the school when you host or attend a party. 100% of the funds raised by ticket sales go to the Newport Heights Foundation.  Anyone can host or attend a party to help our school. 

Here's how it works:

The Host

The host of the party designs and organizes a party and provides whatever is needed. That is their donation to the Foundation. For example: The Smith family threw a Octoberfest party for the parents of their daughters school. They set the cost to attend this party as a donation of $40 per person. They follow the very simple steps and create a custom page that explains all the details about their party.

The Guest

The parents of the school went crazy for the Smith's Octoberfest party. They were more than happy to donate $40 to the school in order to be one of the lucky 40 people who get to attend. The school raised $1,600!! The Smith's threw a great party. All the parents had an amazing night together and can't for next years party. Everyone is a winner!

The New Host

After the Smith's party the Miller family decided they were also going to help the school raise money so they threw party. The school benefits because it raises more money. The parents benefit by bonding with other parents to create a better community within their daughters school. On and on and on it goes......